August 2015

The Hype:Checking In With Yoko Honda, the '80s and LA Obsessive from Japan

A quick Q&A with the Japanese master of '80s graphics who is totally obsessed with Los Angeles in its neon-lit prime. Read more

Smashbox Studios is home to legendary photo and video shoots from editorial to major campaigns. We are proud to highlight our clients and their important works created here.

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Studios: Studio 1

Lightbox is one of the most desirable and exclusive studios in LA. Drenched in southern, western and eastern light, it is a truly unique space for both shoots and events. The studio also features a 300 square foot VIP Mezzanine and a stunning 750 square foot private patio.

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Studios: Studio 2

Softbox gets its name from the amazing, soft, western light that pours into the studio. Photographers and directors alike appreciate the natural light quality of this special space. The studio and its large, outdoor patio make for an exceptional event space.

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Studios: Studio 3

Blackbox boasts a large corner cyc and 22’ ceilings complete with a grid making it an ideal space for film and photo shoots. Easily combined with adjoining Skybox for an additional 1,400 sq. ft. of studio space.

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Studios: Studio 4

Bigbox, the ultimate in versatility, features 4,000+ square feet of shooting space, a huge cyc, private VIP Lounge, private restroom and state-of-the-art hair and makeup stations. Bigbox is the perfect stage for gallery shoots, film and video productions and events.

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Studios: Studio 5

Skybox is the quintessential studio for daylight portraits, fashion and beauty shoots. The space features a large 14’ x 16’ skylight directly above the cyc. May be easily combined with adjacent Blackbox for an additional 2,400 square feet of studio space.

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Studios: Reception

Relax, work or socialize in Smashbox Studios’ reception area. Home to a world-class bar and cafe, fully stocked Creative Library and a commercial kitchen, this space is ideal for hosting events. During shoots, come kick back at the cafe while you charge up and browse the library.

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