Los Angeles photographer Adri Law finds the poetry in imperfection, forgoing click-baity boobs and sun-soaked blondes for chisel-cheeked boys with slick pompadours and home-poked tattoos (who, admittedly, aren’t so hard on the eyes either). Though barely out of her early twenties (we swear, we’re not jealous of her youth or perfect bangs or ruby red Honda motorcycle), the recent Art Center graduate is wildly sought after for her distinct aesthetic: a refined yet rough-around-the-edges style that has made her the go-to shooter for big name clients including Vans, Sony, and Urban Outfitters.

We caught up with the Nikon wielding super-babe, who recently photographed artist Tasya Van Ree and DJ SOSUPERSAM for our very own The Hype, and talked haircuts, girls vs. boys, and the perks of shooting at Smashbox Studios.

What’s the thing that first sucked you into photography?


Punk shows.

If you’re in a room with 100 people, who’s catching your eye?


Are there any dogs in the room? Because the puppy definitely has my attention.

How would you describe the thing you’re in search of capturing?


Moments that will never repeat themselves.

What’s the greatest adventure you and your camera have taken together?


I’ve definitely had some fun times with my cameras, but I feel as if I have yet to go on that “great” adventure.

So what’s the dream adventure y’all are yet to embark on?


A motorcycle trip through multiple beautiful locations where I ride with someone, sitting backwards, and taking photos!

Do you research your subjects before you photograph them for a job?


If it’s a name that I’m completely unfamiliar with, then yes. It’s important to know at least the basics about who you are shooting. It just makes it easier to start conversation and create that connection.

You should a lot of menswear. Do you approach shooting boys and girls differently?


I do. You can throw a boy in some harsh light or try weird angles and it can totally work, whereas things like this are a bit more difficult with girls.

What are your five shoot day essentials?


1. Waterproof mascara

2. Fully charged phone

3. A pair of Chucks or Vans

4. My Nikon

5. A Ponytail

Your hair is sort of your signature. When’s the last time you cut it?


I think it was around six months ago after I shot with my friend Jessie for the cover of this Australian magazine. My friend Andrea, who was doing hair and makeup on set, mentioned something about a trim and that we could do it right here, right now. I needed a moment. I came to my senses, and after we packed up, she pulled out a cape, draped it over me, and gave me a quick trim right there in the middle of the street.

If you could take a portrait of any person, living, dead, or fictional, who would it be?


I know your asking me to choose one of the following, but I’m just going to choose one for each category.

Living: Morrissey

Dead: A tie between Johnny Thunders and Johnny Cash

Fictional: Wade ‘Cry-baby’ Walker

You recently shot DJ SOSUPERSAM at Smashbox Studios for The Hype. Tell me about the experience shooting at such an swanky studio?


Shooting there was a dream. I mean, naturally I was already excited for the shoot because I love Sam and Jayne [STOP IT RIGHT NOW]. But Jenny McClary from the Smashbox team really took care of us. The studios are all re-done beautifully and EQ guys are on point. To top it off, everyone that works there is genuinely nice as hell and the coffee is strong.

Are you working on anything right now that has you feeling particularly stoked to get out of bed?


It’s not so much a single project as it is what’s in store for this year. I’ve already met so many interesting people and am greatful for all the amazing opportunities that have been and continue to head my way. I have never been more inspired or determined to push myself and elevate my work than I am now. And that’s what has me so excited.

Portraits of Adri Law by Rick Rodney Photography

All other images courtesy of Adri Law

For more of Adri’s work, visit adrilaw.com or follow her on instagram @adri_law.