March/April 2015


2 Apr



Please note this event occurred in 2015

TIME: 6-9P


“Born on the beach, raised in NYC and recently adopted by Los Angeles, Amber Ibarreche is an artist, designer and poet. A women of few words but boy, does she make them count.”

Amber Ibarreche was born October 16th 1978, in Jacksonville, Florida to a French mother and a military father of Basque descent. As a young child she was into comic books, baseball cards, and skateboarding. At a very early age she wholly reconciled the issue of gender by simply not paying it much mind. Sometimes she felt like a boy and other times like a girl, within both roles she felt entirely comfortable. Amber is a self-taught artist, who resolves complex life issues with equanimity and humor through different mediums and poetic printed word. While her work isn’t about gender specifically, her unique outlook and internal dialogue resonates a distinct, truthful perspective that appeals to people of any demographic.

Amber first attracted attention in 2002 at 24 years old when she was asked by Emily Sunblad to be in a group show in Brooklyn, NY with Ryan McGinley titled, “You’re Just a Summer Love, But I’ll Remember You When Winter Comes”. She participated in a few other group shows downtown but became overwhelmed by the sudden attention. She took time to explore different mediums and get a clearer perspective on her work.

In 2009, Sophie Morner from Capricious Gallery in NYC gave Amber her first solo exhibition titled, “Ceremonial Entanglements”. Following, was a book in 2013 titled, “Royal Orphans”, which is sold all over the country.

More recently, Amber’s Instagram account (14,000 Followers and growing) filled with her witty mantras and clever artwork has been attracting enormous attention worldwide. This has resulted in collaborations with Refinery 29 and has become a regular favorite with the viral media news site, Buzzfeed. One writer has gone as far as to coin her “The Oprah of Instagram”.

Amber’s t-shirts have also been a huge impact and have been featured on many different fashion blogs. Designer, Henry Holland, purchased Amber’s shirts to wear during 2014 Fashion Week and posted them on his Instagram account. Celebrity Lena Dunham has also posted Amber’s “I Only Fuck With Goddesses” t-shirt on her Instagram account.