Jeana Sohn’s Closet Visit is light-years beyond the typical fashion blog — the LA resident and artist photographs the wardrobes and living spaces of her friends and contemporaries, all of whom have incredible SoCal style (so much so that you can practically feel the Santa Ana winds emitting from your computer screen.) While technically it is a sporadically updated website with very beautiful photos of very stylish women, it has a vibe that toes the line between aspirational magazine and personal, friends-only blog. Basically, the ideal web presence for a peek inside the perfect wardrobes of LA creatives.

Inspired by the very fashion-focused questionnaires that Sohn has her subjects fill out, we sent the photographer some questions of our own — but serious and about her site, and more fun and about her style and interaction with LA’s fashion scene.

What is Closet Visit?


We feature creative and inspiring women who have an amazing personal style.

What made you want to start it?


I started out as a painter, but was getting bored of it and really needed a new project that could get me out of my art studio. I’d always been interested in fashion and photography and many of my friends were stylish — so I decided to make a little series on my personal blog featuring these friends. Eventually that series got so popular I launched it as its own website.

Who is the Closet Visit woman?


She’s a creative person who has a defined personal style.

How do you choose your subjects?


I get a lot of suggestions, but I usually feature people I personally know. As Closet Visit gets older, I get pickier and more specific about who I want to feature. That’s why it’s slow. I’m not worried about how often I post. I don’t mind waiting for someone perfect for the site.

Closet Visit

What’s a shoot like? Does it take a long time?


Our shoots are very low-key. I look at the subject’s closet and walk around the house to find some good spots to shoot, and then we start shooting. It usually takes 2-3 hours.

Does it influence the way you dress yourself?


I didn’t have a defined style before I started the site. I think I was lost and wasn’t sure what suited me the best. Now I know what works for me and I’m comfortable with it.

What makes a good Closet Visit feature?


When the subject has a cute house, it’s always a plus. Also it helps when I get inspired by the subject and space and create better photography.

Closet Visit

Do you have a favorite Closet Visit subject?


It’s so hard to pick my favorites but Sophie Buhai and Kayten Schmidt had some great pieces I loved.

What are the fundamentals of LA style?


Less black and lower heels. More relaxed and practical.

How do you describe your own personal style?


Minimal/uniform like with a boyish touch. Neutral colors.

What are your top three shopping locations in (or around!) the city and why?


I shop at only a few places in LA and mostly online so it’s hard to come up with three locations. I usually go to my designer friend’s studio (like Jesse Kamm, Black Crane and Grace Lee Studio) directly. Other than that, I go to Mohawk General Store, Creatures of Comfort and Barneys.

What LA haunt, in your opinion, has the best-dressed clientele?


I always see so many stylish people at Echo Park Craft Fair.

What about the worst?



If your personal wardrobe transformed into an LA haunt, which would it be?


The Self-Realization Fellowship in Mt. Washington.

Where in LA do you always feel overdressed?


At the beach.

Closet Visit

Where in LA do you always feel underdressed?


Any event I go to.

If money were no object, which local shop would you to go to drop serious coin?


Mohawk General Store.

Any favorite place for a cheap thrill piece?


Collection in Echo Park is a great place for amazing vintage stuff.

What’s your ideal day spent in LA?


I love shooting editorial stuff. If I could do that all day, that’d be my ideal day.

5 things you can’t live without?


My family, good food, coffee, mountains and pilates.