Interview by Michael Bordelon

The Hype: A few words with Alan Flusser’s Jonathan Sigmon about where to get your coffee while attending NYFW, as well as, men’s clothing tips on dressing well and looking good.

The Hype: What are your favorite coffee shops around the city that you recommend to those coming in for NYFW?

Jonathan Sigmon: Gregory’s is a fantastic NYC chain, and has locations all over mid-town, as well as one in the West Village and a few in the financial district. You also can’t go wrong with eitherBlue Bottle or Ninth Street Espresso with plenty of locations also across mid-town, lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

js-shopTH: Your personal favorite?

JS: Gregory’s makes my favorite Cortado in the city.

TH: Do you have a morning/afternoon coffee rhythm?

JS: In the Summer I’ll grab a cold brew from Grumpy Café in Park Slope on the way to the train in the mornings. During the workday I have a hard time getting away from the shop, so I’ll have a couple K-Cups throughout the day, and when I have 15 minutes to spare I’ll swing through Gregory’s in midtown for a Cortado.

TH: Describe your work?

JS: I’m the Director at Alan Flusser Custom. Alan’s an author and a designer, and the Custom Shop is coming upon its 30-year anniversary this fall. We focus primarily on custom tailored clothing, but also carry haberdashery from England and Italy, and some off-the-rack Italian sportswear.

TH: How long have you been working for Alan Flusser?

JS: I’ve been working for Alan Flusser for about three and half years.

TH: Describe your (clothing) style.

JS: Alan, Ralph Lauren, and Sid Mashburn were big influences as I developed my tastes, so it’s something of a blend of American sportswear and Savile Row-style tailoring, but as comfortably as possible. Softly constructed sport jackets, espadrilles, beat to death denim, cashmere knits. Add in the occasional Chacos on the weekend since I’ll never shed my Arkansas roots.

TH: Any thoughts on men’s style and how we can upgrade our game a little?

JS: We’ve reached peak #menswear, but it at least led to more guys putting more effort into dressing well. With regards to tailored clothing, at the shop we preach the principles of permanent fashion, which essentially comes down to proportions and coloring. Learn the proportions of clothes that flatter your body, and identify the colors that complement your complexion. When you figure this out, you’re a step ahead of nearly everyone. When you know what makes you look good and why, then it’s so much easier and more enjoyable to experiment with clothes.

TH: Now we look good while holding our coffee.

JS: Looking good while holding coffee – sure, just don’t wear white. If you do make sure you have a little sugar in your coffee, as it makes the stains easier to remove when you inevitably drip it on your shirt. (This according to our master tailor, who’s been making clothes longer than I’ve been alive, so I’ll repeat it until someone proves me wrong.)

TH: Thanks Jonathan.