The world of green juice and vegan substitutes can grow tiring for even the most die-hard Angelino. That’s where Chop Daddy’s BBQ comes to the rescue – a cornucopia of guilty meat-on-meat pleasures and deep fried treats. Already an established carnivorous institution on Abbot Kinney in Venice, Chop Daddy’s is now expanding its greasy glory to Culver City. Currently open daily (from 11am-2pm) for takeout and catering, they’re shooting to officially open the bar and restaurant with full lunch and dinner service in May.

When owner Jon Swire opened the Venice location in July 2013, his goal with Pitmaster Eric Solton was to set the bar high for BBQ in LA. “BBQ is the fastest growing segment in the restaurant industry, and most of the BBQ in LA is average at best,” said Swire. “People don’t know what good BBQ is.” Swire and his team have made it their mission to bring perfectly grilled meats and pork-packed sandwiches to the masses of Los Angeles. “The thing that makes me happiest is when people from Texas and North Carolina come in and say our BBQ is amazing. They’re used to eating a heavy BBQ diet and they appreciate how good our food is.”

The sandwich menu alone at Chop Daddy’s is enough to peak anyone’s interest. In addition to more traditional items like “The Pulled Pig” (pulled pork and coleslaw), the menu boasts options with a more creative spin as well. “The Chop Daddy” consists of homemade smoked brisket, BBQ sauce and mac n’ cheese all piled inside a freshly toasted brioche roll, while “The Big Daddy” sandwich is stuffed with pulled pork, crispy pork belly bacon, tater tots, cheese sauce, and spicy aioli. “I love this kind of food,” admits Swire. “The more bad food on one sandwich, the better.”

Though the sandwiches are eye (and tummy)-catching, not to be overlooked is Swire’s personal favorite, the house-smoked ribs. “Every time I eat our ribs I’m impressed by them. Ribs are one of those things that a lot of places don’t get right. They’re too tough, they don’t come off the bone easily, they’re too fatty. Our ribs are really, really good.” As if the aforementioned wasn’t enough to scratch the itch for Southern comfort, the sides menu will finish the job; sandwiches and ribs can be paired with BBQ pork baked beans, fried pickles, sweet potato tots, and (drum roll please) “Super Tots”- tater tots smothered with gooey melted cheese and any meat of choice.

Swire is thrilled to be joining the community of Culver City. He proudly states, “I think this is the best spot in the neighborhood. It’s a young, vibrant community. We love it here and are so excited to go into this space.” But luckily for the rest of LA, Chop Daddy’s won’t stop at Culver City. The team partnered with Umami Burger Restaurant Group last July and plans to expand the chain exponentially. “Our goal is to open up ten to fifteen more of these in the next few years,” said Swire. “Who knows, someday there could be a thousand Chop Daddy’s across the country.” He is currently finalizing their trademark for the term “Do It Daddy Style,” which they intend to make a household slogan as they continue the legacy.

Swire attributes much of their success to the simplistic and straight-foward approach to delicious, comforting food that lies at the heart of Chop Daddy’s. “Our clientele is everybody. Honestly, everybody. People love the food. I don’t want to say we’ve been lucky, we just work really hard and make great food.” Despite their growing numbers, he’s not worried about the health nuts in LA bringing them down. “Even the vegans and vegetarians who have come in are believers. You come here with a smile, you leave with a smile.”

Chop Daddy’s Culver City
9552 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA