Luxury t-shirt manufacturer Everlane returns to the place where the movement began, kicking off its inaugural Transparent City Series today in its former stomping ground of Los Angeles. Founded in downtown LA and now based in San Francisco, Everlane was born with one mission: to make beautiful basics without traditional markups while revealing to the customer the true cost of ethical production. They call this Radical Transparency.

Radical Transparency

3.5 years and a gajillion tees (and an ever-growing product line later), Everlane takes their commitment to transparency even further—going behind the scenes with five days of events that uncover and celebrate Los Angeles’ rich culture and creative community, and spotlight the makers who inspire and embody the brand. From an exclusive t-shirt collaboration and studio visit with LA artist Tofer Chin (tonight, 6PM, Communal LA) and cocktails at The Line Hotel with pals Jayne Min of STOP IT RIGHT NOW and DJ SO SUPER SAM, to a factory tour in Vernon and closing party right here at Smashbox Studios featuring a no-holds-barred Q&A with CEOs Bobby Kim (The Hundreds), Yael Aflalo (Reformation), and Michael Preysman (Everlane), Transparent City digs deep into the heart of Los Angeles.

March 21st, 11am-5pm @ Smashbox Studios