A lot can happen in a week. Fortunately, Hyped On is here to make certain that you don’t miss a beat, or an art opening, or a mind-blowing headline, or that new smart gadget everyone’s raving about. We’ve torn apart the internet and compiled a cheat sheet of five things we think are worthy of your money, time, ears, and eyeballs this week.


If you’re like so many Angelenos heading home to spend a wintry Christmas with the in-laws, dreading the airport craziness (perhaps even more than the in-laws?), LAX has something for you to look forward to. Thanks to the airport’s swanky million dollar makeover, you’ve now got a reason to check-in early. And that reason is lots of new watering holes to get your pre-flight bar crawl on. Los Angeles Magazine gives an excellent rundown of the best airport cocktail joints, including Lotéria Grill, Ford’s Filling Station (a graduate of Culver City), and even Russian high-roller restaurant The Petrossian Caviar and Champagne Bar. Check it out.


Sorry to rain on your holiday party-hopping parade, but new information has just been released that Uber may be exploiting its knowledge of your Friday night whereabouts for profit. Though not exactly shocking, it is a little bit alarming. This is an interesting read about the need for protection against big corporations who routinely pry into our personal information. New York Times investigates how they get this data and what they do with it. Read it here.


DTLA design store Poketo has an impeccably-curated gift assortment, and we’re especially smitten with this vibrant toy camera for that budding baby photographer at home. My First Camera is made from wood and preservative-free rubber to ensure safe playing (and chewing), and features a keleidescope lens and soft wrist strap. Because hey, it’s never too early to instill the golden rules of composition. Get it here.


No matter how high-tech the world gets, we’ve always got a soft spot for the mystery, nostalgia, and affordability of disposable cameras. This throwaway shooter from Ilford Harman comes equipped with black and white film for that artsy, Robert Frank effect. Retailing for just $13 dollars, these babies make the perfect stocking stuff for pros and amateurs. Even better, none of your pesky friends will look over your shoulder and harass you for “Instagram approval.” Get it here.


Glam-pop fashion photographer Marilyn Minter has just published a new book of beautifully NSFW imagery entitled Plush. In her signature high-gloss style, the provocative art-world matriarch whips out her signature party tricks – sparkling acrylic fingernails, cracked mirrors, and condensation droplets on golden goblets – to put the spotlight on the female form like we’ve never seen it before. The book is sold out, but keep up with the artist here.