Excerpt from Vogue: The vibe at this particular Vogue shoot was rather raucous as far as fashion sets go. Mario Testino was there to photograph supermodel Kendall Jenner and rapper Tyler, The Creator for the January issue, and while both arrived prepared to pose, the spirit was very much about hanging out and goofing off amongst good friends. One key compadre on hand was Mikey Alfred, director, designer, and part of the skate crew Illegal Civilization. Alfred filmed everything behind the scenes on set that day, a job that involved capturing the laughs, the kick flips, the piñata-throwing, the swearing, and all the rest of it. “Myself, Tyler, and Kendall are already close, and Mario Testino has the type of personality that makes you feel like you know him even if you don’t,” Alfred says. “For me and all of the IC guys, this was our first time being involved in a big shoot, so it felt good to know that we had all our friends around.”