Poketo, an LA shop and stationery brand, got its start in 2003, with arty wallets featuring works by pals. In the years since, they’ve established themselves as the must-visit spot for all things cool and functional: it’s a place to grab both an intricately (and beautifully) designed notebook or planner as well as a cool locally made top or sweet-smelling candle. Poketo co-founder and creative director Angie Myung says that this (impeccable) curation is the easy part. “We bring in whatever we like that speaks to us,” she says. “We usually keep an eye out for unique and hard-to-find items, whether they’re found in our travels or little known makers and designers that we think are amazing.”

But that’s not all they do — they also work with designers and other makers on a whole bevy of exclusive products; there’s even Poketo-designed goods, like the suite of four blank notebooks whose covers were inspired by their home city. What does Myung love about LA? “The weather, the food, the people, and the vast openness… A lot of our creative energy is influenced by this city and all the pieces that make it what it is,” she says. The Hype asked Myung about all things stationery, from the gateway drug products for stationery beginners to the absolute must-haves (and everything in-between.)

What are five essentials that everyone should have to make a well-appointed office?


The basics are important, of course: pencils, pens, highlighters (we use a lot here at Poketo!), notebooks, and a planner. However, it’s also always fun to have a standout piece on your desk, whatever it might be. We really love the Erin Althea Concrete Paperweight — it’s simple enough to fit in any office, but definitely functional and eye-catching.

Poketo DTLA

Why are well-designed/cool-looking supplies important?


Most people are in the office for such a large portion of their lives. Why not make it inspiring and aesthetically pleasing? We’re all for beautifully-designed desk accessories.

What are a few kind of random-seeming supplies that you find you actually can’t live without?


Many of the smaller supplies, from paper clips to sticky notepads, make work life so much easier.

Which country makes the cutest stationery?


Korea, hands down. We have all our stationery made there.

Pens or pencils (or something else)?


So hard to choose! A pen is probably more multi-purpose, but ultimately, I think it all comes down to personal preference.

What’s one under-the-radar stationery brand everyone should know about?



What’s one product/stationery category you think is dying for a makeover but hasn’t gotten one yet from designers?


A really nice looking wall calendar… but wait, we’re coming out with a few soon, so watch out for that!

What’s a good gateway drug product that leads into the world of well-designed stationery?


I think a nice pen, one that’s well-designed and lasts a long time, will make you realize what you’re missing out on. Also, a really functional planner quickly becomes an item you can’t do without. We only make planners that are open-dated, so it’s so easy to start using it at anytime, and you just fill it in as you go.

Any other fun stationery concerns?


You can never have enough notebooks, especially if they look like this. These marble notebooks have been featured everywhere from Vogue to People Magazine, and have become a must-have accessory.